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DIY Facebook Ads Course 

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DIY Facebook Ads Course 
Complete the Course & Get Unlimited Traffic to your Website
Mini Session – $50 – 3 Sessions – 1 Hour Each
Call – 9930090487

Facebook Advertising Course

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Facebook Ads: a high-level look at the factors businesses and brands consider when choosing Facebook ads and some quick tips on getting started with ads.
Chapter 2: How to guides: Information and screenshots on where to find everything and how to get set up with the various types of Facebook ads.
Chapter 3: How to choose an audience for your ads: Audience targeting is where Facebook advertising can become truly powerful and significant. Here we show you how to find the right audience for your ads.
Chapter 4: Budgeting, Analysis, and Successful Strategies: Hoping to answer the question “What am I supposed to do here?” Strategies for audience, budget, ad types, messaging, and visuals.

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