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The king, the minister, the citizens, the fortified city, the treasury, the army and the ally – these are the constituent elements of the kingdom” (Kautilya’s Arthashastra 6.1.1)

Saptang Model

We will discuss chanakya’s saptang model and learn from it.

Leadership Qualities

How to build the qualities of an ideal leader.

Strategic Management

How a leader should select his team leaders.

Kautilya Arthshashtra’s  – SAPTANG MODEL

Chanakya was a rare mastermind, who gained expertise in many fields, including management, economics, politics, law, leadership, strategy, finance, and business management.


The Leader – CEO/Chairman- a “great leader”, a leader who is productive, result oriented.


The Ministers – Managers In Kautilya’s Arthashastra, the importance of a minister is emphasized repeatedly.


The Market – till every customer is not satisfied, the work of the organization is not complete.


The Fortified City – Infrastructure. Every operations of the kings were directly connected and handled from his fort.


The Treasury – Finance Chanakya has said, the first task of a king is to focus on the acquisition, growth and expansion of the treasury.


Employees The sixth pillar of a kingdom is the army. It showcases the power of a country and protects the citizens from external threats.


The Advisors Mitra, a word commonly used in all Indian languages, means a friend, colleague or partner. It forms the last pillar of Chanakya’s Seven Pillars model.

Saptang Model

Leadership Qualities

Strategic Management

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