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Self-Publishing on Amazon Course

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Amazon online has given a publishing platform to authors who may never have been discovered.
My Amazon Self Publishing Course is a series of step-by-step tutorials for enthusiastic writers.
It’s the ideal class for amateur authors who want to self-publish on the world’s largest book store.
Gone are the endless rejections from publishers—now everyone can get seen.


Amazon Self-Publishing, Course Requirements

Indie (independent) authors only need to meet 3 requirements to take this course:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. Ability to use a word processor like MS Word
  3. Have your first or several books ready to publish, or are planning to write one

There can never be too many ebooks, and the demand for written material has never been greater. The world has plenty of room for aspiring writers desperate to get discovered. Now we have the perfect platform with amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing.


About “Self-Publishing on Amazon Course”

Publishing on Amazon is not difficult, but getting one’s work to stand out is more of a challenge.

This course helps indie authors to understand the importance of research and how to go about it.

Students also learn which formats work best and catch the reader’s eye.

Too many excellent books go unnoticed, and this class shows members how to avoid that trap.

Amazon Self-Publishing Course Format

The systematic format of my Amazon self-publishing course starts at the very beginning. The introduction looks at the opportunities available and ways to achieve goals. It’s an enjoyable program with 8 distinct sections and 55 easy-to-digest sub-sections. The lectures cover all you need to know and should leave no questions unanswered.

Check out the free Amazon Self-publishing introduction videos for a preview.

What Amazon self-publishing for beginners teaches

Amazon self-publishing for beginners teaches how to do proper research. This step is especially vital for those who want to write for profit. Students learn how to brainstorm book ideas and create skeleton plans to work from. It can’t teach prose, though. But it does give clear direction on how best to set up MS Word to make your book formatting process much easier.

Here’s an outline of the course modules and the most significant areas covered on the course.

Self-publishing online, theoretical knowledge:

  • Course and instructor introduction
  • New opportunities for self-publishers
  • Choosing a word processor
  • Know your fonts
  • Selecting a style for your writing
  • Images, colors, and resolution
  • Paperback print versions and CreateSpace
  • Downloadable worksheet for indie authors
  • Edits and proofreading, hired or DIY?
  • Book prices and commission rates
  • What to expect post publish
  • About Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature
  • The benefits behind Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • What every author should know about Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • An overview of the Kindle Countdown promotion
  • How the Book Release Strategy works
  • Languages supported by Amazon
  • Bonus resources

Self-publishing online practical knowledge:

  • How to use Amazon to carry out market research
  • How to plan your book using ‘mind mapping’
  • How to use hyperlinks inside a virtual book
  • How to create a skeleton for your next project
  • How to add a table of contents (TOC) to your book
  • How to save your book for Kindle
  • How to decide on a book cover
  • How to submit your book to the correct online category
  • How to track sales through the KDP dashboard
  • How to go about paperback publishing

This course has video lectures that walk students through the A–Z of online publishing.

No longer do writers need to suffer the setbacks caused by the outdated traditional processes.

What Amazon Self-Published Students Say

This Amazon self-publishing book course has around 80 ratings and 700 students (and growing). Below are a few random reviews left by members who have already finished the tutorials.

Miss Mithali Parekh {Self Published Author} says: Excellent course! has all the self publishing information I needed to know. The course is presented in a clear and concise way, and very easy to follow. I would highly recommend.

Lifetime Access and a Certificate of Completion

As a course member, you get 3.5 hours of video. You can view these on-the-go lectures from any compatible mobile device anywhere in the world. You can also follow the course on TVs, laptops, and home-based computers. There are 11 downloadable resources, including 7 useful articles. All course participants gain a certificate of completion and get lifetime access.

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