Antriksh Shah

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Over 12 years of combined experience in Online Marketing & Techno-legal aspects of the Internet,
i have tapped into many different aspects of the World Wide Web, from Cyber & E-commerce Laws to Digital Marketing to
Sum it up : i like internet and technologies around it.

In more recent years i have a steady success record in start-up strategic planning, project management and aggressive business development in start-up and high growth environments,

Growth hacking as a Startup Entrepreneur for multiple startup businesses, i love Identifying key growth areas and setting up Standard Operating Procedures’s to run the business, assembling a professional team, with the right skill set and attitude for the business.

Internet Marketing :-
★ Search Engine Optimization
★ Search Engine Marketing
★ Pay Per Click Marketing
★ Social Media Optimization

Specialties: Search Engine Optimizer with experience in On-site and Off-site site optimization | Research Content writer | Blogger
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